July 28, 2022 Community Chat: ACA International Highlights, Portal updates, Product and Revision Suggestion Process

July 28, 2022 Community Chat: ACA International Highlights, Portal updates, Product and Revision Suggestion Process

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Thursday, July 28, 2022, at Noon MT
DAKCS Team: Ashlee Hyden, Mike Goodell, Scott Pizzello, and Ryan O' Reilly

This month we recapped June’s chat and added in some highlights from Ashlee Hyden, Ryan O’Reilly, and Shawn Suhr about their ACA International experience two weeks ago. There was a reminder about the sunsetting of the legacy web payment portal (Qwikfund) with support ending for this product on Aug 30, 2022. 
Mike Goodell with the DAKCS Product Team spoke about updated features for the Consumer Portal with some awesome enhancements on the horizon like disputes and statements. He also talked about the reason for the sunsetting of the legacy which is to help support the API for Zero-Cost Processing! You can also learn about the new Consumer Portal during our May Chat. 
Mike also dove into our changes behind the Revision Suggestion form and why we structured the questions in an “As this                          , I want to do this                                    so that I can                                   .”

We had some #ShareTheGood moments with our Support queue being in a good place and for the first time in some time, we have a full-staffed Support team! We discussed some ideas for upcoming events since we will not have a 2022 DAKCS Summit, but that doesn’t mean 2023 is out of the picture! 

There were some customer questions that came up in the LinkedIn Community Group such as clients requesting RFI information, SOC II Compliance and the Bridge Letter, and Data Purging. We finished the chat with some Spotlights like Beyond build 2.15.3 is ready and there is an article available around Changes you’ll find in Beyond Build 2.15.1 and higher. These changes include Credit Reporting changes and Multiple IDs for QwikFlow. We also shared a really good article written by Stacy Willis with AMR about Medical Debt and Credit Reporting Changes.  

Our next Beyond ARM Focus Group is the 2nd Wednesday, August 10 at 11:00 AM MT. The next Community Chat is back to the regular date on the third Thursday of the month, August 18 just at the new time of Noon MT. 

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