Aug 10, 2022 Beyond Focus Group

Aug 10, 2022 Beyond Focus Group

Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022 

In this session, we discussed what's now, what's new, and what's next in Beyond ARM. Beyond Build 2.15.3 is available. Here you can review the Release Notes and if you'd like to schedule an update, please reach out to Julie Newson at


In Beyond Build 2.15.1 or higher, we created an article that highlights features added to comply with the new Credit Reporting guidelines for Medical Debt and the added support for multiple IDs under QwikFlow with reorganized screens and setup process. We also answered questions around consent and the legacy portal being sunset as of August 30, 2022. We highlighted the Community Forum opportunities both available in the Customer Portal as well as in the DAKCS Community Group on LinkedIn.  

What's New? What's Now? What's Next?

What's New? 

What's Now? 

  • Migrating API to REST for payments necessary to support Zero Cost Processing
  • Archiving Letters - How documents are saved in Beyond and how copies of letters are saved to the Data Vault
  • Research continues on credit reporting previously reported medical debt

What's Next? 

  • Account level tracking and how to improve the Action Matrix
  • Work Queues built with Consumer Contact Preferences
  • Build 3-year data retention for added compliance

Questions from Chat Transcript

  1.  Vinetta Orcutt:  Along the lines of Archiving Letters, will this allow us to print to a file as one document instead of individual letters?
  2. Kelly Obrien:  Speaking about consent. Is anyone having issues with their collectors completing the consent screen? It is so slow for them. It is also easier for them to do it when they are sending a text or email. But if they are gathering info but not sending emailing or text then they have to go to the consent screen. Side note...would love to see DAKCS do some work on the user experience on the DAKCS platform. The same type of work they have done on the payment portal. 
  3. Maia Leonard: This is a really small issue, but we have a few collectors who keep complaining that their action codes say that a limited "contact" message was left, instead of a limited "content" message
  4. Kelly Obrien:  How cool would it be to just have a button to click for text consent, or call back in 7 days. And then it just updates the screen. None of this edit, change and save stuff.
  5. Vinetta Orcutt: Please have screen designer training.
  6. Kelly Obrien: I would encourage it as a strength lesson and not on a community chat since they are short
  7. Vinetta Orcutt: Thank you!!  FYI I have zero training on screen designer.
  8. Shawn Suhr: How to read call counts in advanced inq?