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    Year End Instructions

    Instructions on How to Run Year End.

    Helpful instruction on how to prepare your system and run year end can be found here.

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            • Recent Topics

            • SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Latest Release Notes Available Now with More Detail

              Get the Latest Updates and Learn What's New on Product Releases Subscribe to the latest release notes for Beyond ARM, QwikDial, QwikClient, and Consumer Portal. You will need to subscribe to each product's release notes to be notified and please remember
            • DAKCS will be closed Tuesday, July 4th! Happy Independence Day!

              DAKCS will be closed to celebrate Independence Day on Tuesday, July 4, so our employees can enjoy time off with family and friends. If your business needs support during this time, you can submit a Support Ticket via the portal. We hope you have a safe
            • Changes in Beyond 2.17.10 for Flow Technology

              For those of you utilizing QwikFlow and Consumer Portal, these are excellent resources for your business and have the potential to save you time and money. Our team wanted to reach out and inform you of a specific scenario we found that may affect some
            • Credit Repair companies

              How is everyone dealing with credit repair companies? In the past I have just sent the letters back as "return to sender". If the return address was the debtor, they called in and most didn't know anything about the letter to begin with. We have no written
            • Client Screen

              Curious if anyone has used screen designer to add an "Inactive" box you can check so when you are using a query to look at clients you can exclude clients that are no longer active in your system? With being on client number 5000 now this becomes quite
            • SHARE YOUR INPUT! Possible customer event at ACA International 2023

              It has been a while! Our Community Chats over Zoom each month are great, but now it is time to see each other in person. We have the opportunity to schedule time for a customer engagement event during ACA International this year. ACA International is
            • DAKCS Support closed on Tues, April 25, from 10 AM to Noon MT

              [PLEASE NOTE] DAKCS Support will be closed from 10:00 AM MT to Noon PM MT on Tuesday, April 25 for a department-wide meeting. If you have any questions, reach out using the Customer Support Portal to submit a support ticket. We will get back to you as
            • New Year, New Link! Register for 2023 Community Chat Today!

              Join us for the first Community Chat of 2023! For the past two years, we have been meeting each month to chat about everything DAKCS. Each month is different and each month provides little tips and tricks to help you with your business. If you have not
            • DAKCS will be closed Wed, Dec 21 from Noon - 2:00 PM MT for a company event.

              Hey, #DAKCScommunity. Just a simple reminder that DAKCS will be closed Wednesday, Dec 21, 2022, from 12 to 2 PM MT for a company event. For other company holidays and notifications, please take a look at our holiday schedule found here. 
            • AVAILABLE NOW! Helpful Instructions - How to Prepare your System for Year End

              Purpose This information will help you prepare your system for the end of the year. Follow these steps in the linked article to run through the process. Reach out to the DAKCS Support Team for any assistance or go to our secure Customer Portal to submit
            • Please review - Beyond changes made for payment processing as of Nov 27, 2022 - Routed through new cloud infrastructure

              Hey #DAKCScommunity. Just a reminder that we are making some changes to Beyond so all payment processing will be routed through our new cloud infrastructure. These changes will require all of DAKCS customer desktop stations to not restrict any outbound
            • Order of Accounts

              Hello all! Is there a way (setting) to have the most current collection account be the default when opening a debtors account.  We have debtors that have multiple accounts, some with a few collectors or multiple accounts with the same provider. Thank
            • DAKCS will be closed Thursday, Nov 24 and Friday, Nov 25, 2022

              Hey, #DAKCScommunity. Just a simple reminder that DAKCS will be closed this week on Thursday, Nov 24, and Friday, Nov 25 for the Thanksgiving holiday. We hope you and yours have a warm and relaxing holiday.  For other company holidays, please take a look
            • Qwikclient training tips or suggestions

              Hello, Has anyone had success in training clients on how to enter accounts into Qwikclient?  The consumer demographic fields seem to cause the most problems.  Many of our clients want to enter in their business information and not the consumers.  They
            • Release Notes are now automated. Subscribe to the latest today!

              Release Notes are now automated. Subscribe to the latest today! Hi #DAKCScommunity! Get notified on Release Notes for Beyond ARM, QwikDial, and the new Self-Service ConsumerPortal. Check out the latest from our last Community Chat, particularly at minute
            • Please review recent changes made to the online Beyond ARM Terms & Conditions

              Changes have been made to the online Beyond ARM Terms & Conditions. We’ve added text around Binding Arbitration. Please take a few minutes to review the revised language. Read the latest terms here.
            • Beyond Build 2.15.5 has been released!

              Take a few minutes and review the latest Beyond Build Release Notes. Beyond Build 2.15.5 is now released. To schedule an update, reach out to Julie Newson at julie@dakcs.com. 
            • Beyond Build 2.15.4 has been released.

              Take a few minutes and review the latest Beyond Build Release Notes. Beyond 2.15.4 is now released. To schedule an update, reach out to Julie Newson at julie@dakcs.com. 
            • Credit Reporting Changes Happening under New Rules as of July 2022

              Credit Bureau Q & A for Reporting Medical Debts under New Rules (July 1, 2022) We've added a number of questions we asked the Bureaus - Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. If you would like to ask any questions yourself you can reach out to each of the
            • Chat Time Change - Just 30 Minutes Later

              Hey #DAKCScommunity! Recently I found out that our monthly chat time slot conflicts with some of the AccountsRecovery.net webinars, and some customers have had to make choices between the two events. Because of this, we've shifted the chats to Noon MT
            • Check out the New Features added to the new Consumer Portal!

              The DAKCS Product Team is excited to share a new version of the application that went live with some awesome changes! We've added the following items to your consumer portal experience:  Added new white-labeled landing page experience New sign-in process
            • Beyond 2.15.2 is available now! Please reach out to Julie to schedule an update.

              Take a few minutes and review the latest Beyond Build Release Notes. Beyond 2.15.2 is now released and has a number of changes on Credit Reporting and QwikFlow. To schedule an update, reach out to Julie Newson at julie@dakcs.com. 
            • California DFPI Proposed Rule and Comment Period

              The discussion continued on the California DFPI Proposed Rules relating to companies' responses to consumer complaints and in particular the unique tracking number generation. The comment period for the proposed rule runs to July 5, and Kelly O'Brien
            • Letter Vendor up to date with AB-1020 regulation

              Hello,  Anyone have a letter vendor that is compliant with AB 1020? 
            • Please review - Important updates for DAKCS and the Legacy Web Payment Portal (QwikFund)

              Important updates for DAKCS and the Legacy Web Payment Portal (QwikFund) DAKCS launched a new Consumer Portal a few months back with the intent to provide an easy-to-use way for your business to receive no-touch payments from your consumers.   During
            • Latest Beyond Build 2.14.21 is available now! Take a look at the release notes.

              Latest Beyond Build 2.14.21 is ready. Please take a look at the Release Notes shared here. There is detail on what's changed and what's fixed in Beyond ARM. In particular, Beyond letters can now be added to Letter Tables. An experimental version of PRINT
            • Beyond 2.14.20 is released and available as of April 8, 2022

              Please take a few minutes and review the latest Beyond Build Release Notes. Beyond 2.14.20 is released and includes a number of system fixes.  To schedule an update, reach out to Julie Newson at julie@dakcs.com. 
            • Unkown Detect and 3 tone intercept

              We are using QwikDial  as our dialer and have noticed a few things. Patients/debtors are using phone apps that seem to be causing problems with the correct detection of what is actually happening with the call.  Sometimes it will give a "3 tone Intercept" 
            • Latest Beyond Build 2.14.16 is ready and available as of Feb 15, 2022

              Please take a few minutes and review the latest Beyond Build Release Notes. Beyond 2.14.16 is released and includes a number of system fixes.  To schedule an update, reach out to Julie Newson at julie@dakcs.com. 
            • Latest Beyond Build 2.14.13 is available as of Dec 23, 2021

              Beyond 2.14.13 - December 23, 2021 What's new? Added the ability to send the number of contacts, attempts, and callback requests on a consumer for QwikDial to use in the dialog designer. Added the ability to check if a consumer has opted out of emails
            • DAKCS End of Year System Instructions

              This information will help you prepare your system for the end of year. Read the complete article in the portal titled - Helpful Instructions on How to Prepare your DAKCS System for Year's End. You can download the Year-End Instructions PDF to use at
            • DAKCS Company 2022 Holidays

              2021 Friday, Dec 24, 2021 - Christmas Eve off (Day off for Christmas Day) Friday, Dec 31, 2021 - New Year's Eve (Day off for New Year’s Day) 2022 Monday, May 30, 2022 - Memorial Day Monday, July 4, 2022 - Independence Day Monday, Sept 4, 2022 - Labor
            • 12/22 DAKCS Company Meeting - Support will be Closed from 12-2:30 PM MST

              DAKCS will be closed on Wed, Dec 22, 2021, from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM MST for a Corporate Meeting. Please note that our Support Team will be unavailable at this time. If you have any questions, reach out using the Customer Support Portal to submit a support
            • How are you accumulating Interest? Is your DOD correct?

               In reviewing the legal principles demonstrated by John Bedard and Rozanne Anderson in their recent 'Important Dates' presentation at ACA & CAC.  They make clear that the Date of Delinquency of an account cannot be less than 30 days from the Date of Service. 
            • Part 4 - Reg F Training for your Managers happening Dec 9 at 11:00 AM

              Join us for Part 4 - Reg F Training for your Managers happening on Thur. Dec 9, 2021, at 11:00 AM MT. We plan to target areas in the system where there has been the most change in relation to Regulation F and any topic concerns post-Reg F Effective Date
            • DAKCS Customers [PLEASE REVIEW] if you used the Model Validation Notice Sample in Report Designer

              Hi there, #DAKCScommunity! [PLEASE REVIEW] ... This message is for any customers using the Model Validation Notice Sample provided in Beyond Report Designer to build their own notices. We found a typo "cfpb.cov" in the CFPB website URL that needs to be
            • What system training videos would you like to see?

              For our DAKCS team we’ve worked hard on 2021 Goals for the year as we are sure you have been. One goal is improving our DAKCS Training Gym Knowledge base by adding system training videos. Out of the three options below, what area do you feel we should
            • Removing status code automatically after making payment

              Just a suggestion: Is there any way at all were able to auto-populate the status code to not appear in the status code section after receiving a payment? We have the option to select a specific status code that we want. Right now it is set to 'blank'
            • Where is all the Reg F information?

              Where do I find all information Regulation F related?  Here you'll find important information about Beyond enhancements and updates to maintain REG F compliance. Regulation F Information https://desk.zoho.com/portal/dakcssoftware/en/kb/community-and-chats/reg-f-important-system-info
            • Nacha Rule

              Hi DAKCS Community. We had a good question come across about the most recent #Nacha Rule. Thanks to Aaron Benson for throwing out this topic discussion to us and mentions that, "This is huge and will have a big impact on our industry." #PDCflow put out