Announcement of Legacy Web Payment Portal (QwikFund) Being Sunsetted as of August 30, 2022

Announcement of Legacy Web Payment Portal (QwikFund) Being Sunsetted as of August 30, 2022

Important updates for DAKCS and the Legacy Web Payment Portal (QwikFund)

May Community Chat - Discussion of the Sunset of the Legacy Portal

In case you missed the chat, Mike Goodell and Ty Fenn from the Product Team joined us to speak about the sunsetting of the legacy web payment portal (Qwikfund) with support ending for this product on Aug 30, 2022.

We discussed the intentions behind making this shift with technology standards changing and the requirements we have to meet in order to move forward with additional services like zero-cost processing. Keep in mind, that your payment processing will not change; Qwikfund is a DAKCS product that let you take web payments based on an account in the Beyond ARM system.
Reid Miller jumped in to highlight the new Consumer Portal. He showed what the legacy portal looks like currently with the account number and pin, what the new portal looks like, the PII options available, and demonstrated the ease of use the new portal can bring to your business. To get in touch with Reid and see a demo, click the button below and book some time to chat.
We finished the chat with some Q & A and shared spotlights to keep you updated with the latest from DAKCS. If you missed the chat, we hope you will give it a watch!

Because we had a number of questions regarding the sunsetting and promised to put together a FAQ for you, we've provided the Chat Transcript, and here is our newly created FAQ section on and
If you’d like to learn more about the new Consumer Portal, Reid and Mike are available to help. You can request some time to chat here


Email from Andy Shumway, President sent Tuesday, May 3, 2022

DAKCS launched a new Consumer Portal a few months back with the intent to provide an easy-to-use way for your business to receive no-touch payments from your consumers.
During the portal’s initial launch, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with agencies seeing an increase in both payment volume and size. It has become clear that the portal is a step into the future for both our customers and DAKCS as a company. 

With that in mind, DAKCS will be turning off our legacy web payment portal (Qwikfund) and ending support for this product on August 30, 2022.
It's always difficult to transition from something familiar, and we are here to help. We have worked hard to make this transition easy, natively integrating the portal with Beyond and optimizing the setup to ensure you are up and running in less than a day. 
We value your business and are excited to take this next step with you. We are sure you may have questions and invite you to join our next Community Chat happening on Thursday, May 19 where we will discuss this in detail. We plan to provide a helpful frequently asked questions list about sunsetting the legacy portal and would like to get your questions addressed prior to the chat or directly.

To make the chat and FAQ as valuable as possible, we’d like to address as many questions as we can prior to the event. To help with that preparation, please send your questions before Tuesday, May 17 to Ashlee Hyden at  

Should you need immediate assistance or would like to learn more about the new portal, please reach out to Reid Miller ( or Mike Goodell (
Thank you again for your continued partnership with DAKCS.

Andy Shumway
DAKCS President