Legacy Web Payment Portal QwikFund Deadline has passed - Aug 31, 2022

Legacy Web Payment Portal QwikFund Deadline has passed - Aug 31, 2022

What is QwikFund?

QwikFund was a legacy DAKCS product that offered a solution to take payments online. The successor for QwikFund is the new Self-Service Consumer Portal.  

When is QwikFund going to be shut down?

For the last six months, we have had conversations about this sunset. As of August 31, 2022, support for this product will be ending for those who no longer choose to use the new portal. 

Why make this change? 

The intentions behind making this shift with technology standards changing and the requirements we have to meet in order to move forward with additional services like zero-cost processing. Keep in mind, that your payment processing will not change; Qwikfund is a DAKCS product that let you take web payments based on an account in the Beyond ARM system.

To learn more about the Self-Service Portal and to hear how this service can improve your web presence and gather more payments, take a look at the May 2022 Community Chat or schedule a demo with Sales today. Request some time to chat here

Where should support requests for QwikFund go?

We have worked proactively to help transition customers. Once the shutdown for QwikFund is complete, there will no longer be any direct support for the product. 

Want to learn about the new portal? 

If you’d like to learn more about the new Consumer Portal,  Reid and Mike are available to help. You can request some time to chat here