Support Tip! Clear Certain User Locks on your Own

Support Tip! Clear Certain User Locks on your Own

You can now clear certain user locks in Beyond!

Did you know that you can clear certain user locks from your end now? Earlier this year, Beyond Build 2.14.18 included changes to allow customers to clear their own user locks! This request to clear user locks has been a common theme in support, and we wanted to highlight that you can do this on your own without having to speak with DAKCS Support. 

In this 2.14.18 build, we added a new menu option that allows users to clear certain user locks. This option exists in two places in Beyond.

Main Menu → System Administration → Manage User Locks

This option gives admin users the ability to view and clear all locks for all users.

Main Menu - > Collectors/Sales → Manager User Locks

This option allows users to clear locks depending on the permissions they are given in User Setup.

Contact Info

Of course, we want to help you self-serve, but if you do have additional questions on this topic, feel free to reach out to the Support team or submit a ticket here.

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