Sept 16, 2021 Community Chat: Reg F Checklist, Library, and Discussion

Sept 16, 2021 Community Chat: Reg F Checklist, Library, and Discussion

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Thursday, Sept 16, 2021, at 11:30 AM MT
Team: Ashlee Hyden, Justin Devine, Scott Pizzello 
Tommy Secrist, Julie Newson, and Matthew Snedden

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Regulation F has been the #1 topic in so many forms with focus groups, support calls, training, and webinars. In this chat, we want to focus on the next steps and putting plans into action. It seems like every checklist item is waiting on something else, so let's talk about what agencies can be doing now to be prepared for Nov 30, 2021. We want to open the conversation for some healthy discussion.

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Topics we covered

  1. Reg F Library - Where to Go for info
  2. Training for your Managers Recording & Recap
  3. Focus Group Recordings
  4. Need to Know Before Your Update
  5. Reg F Beyond System Checklist
  6. Reg F Implementation and Operations Checklist - Coming Soon
  7. Sept 8, 2021 ACA Huddle Discussion - 10 Things to Be Prepared for Regulation F

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