Reg F in Beyond ARM - System Checklist to Put into Action

Reg F in Beyond ARM - System Checklist to Put into Action

Reg F in Beyond ARM - System Checklist to Put into Action

Published Date: Sept 15, 2021

This checklist and the steps taken require an update to the latest Beyond Build available. With the changes for Regulation F, we plan to release additional builds regularly. 

Please take a few minutes to look over the latest Release Notes. To schedule an update, reach out to Julie Newson by phone at 801.394.5791 x 269 or email

Step 1 - Creditor Name

  1. Make sure you have updated the Creditor Name to show the full client name if you have abbreviated it due to the field length restraints.
  2. This needs to be done manually for any client name that has been abbreviated.

Step 2 - Itemization Date Type

  1. Set your Itemization Date Type on the Client Master. This is the date that is decided by the agency and creditor which will be used for all accounts placed.
  2. A best practice is to use a single date type since not all accounts will have the correct dates.

Step 3 - Define Auxiliary Screens

  1. Define Auxiliary Screens by Client for Validation and Original Creditor.

Step 4 - Verify Client Files and Data Points

  1. Make sure that your client files contain the necessary data points required for the new CFPB Model Form Validation Notice.

Step 5 - Update Tape Drops

  1. Update your tape drops to map to the VALIDATION@ table and ORIGINALCREDITOR@ table.

Step 6 - Edit Tracking

  1. Turn on Edit Tracking for the VALIDATION@ table and ORIGINALCREDITOR@ table.

Step 7 - Letter Codes

  1. Make sure that all letter codes that are Validation Notices are marked as a Validation Notice.

Step 8 - Define and Mark "Ignore Validation Period"

  1. Check and define all other letters that are not Validation Notices and that you feel do not overshadow the notice and mark them to Ignore Validation Period so they can be sent at any time they are needed to be sent. 

Step 9 - Check and Set Validation Days 

  1. Check your Validation Days set in System Generation flag 109. By default, this is set to 38 days. You will want to make sure that this amount of days includes any days it takes for vendors to print and mail the letters after you send the vendor your file.
  2. The End of Validation Date gets calculated at the time a letter file is created for vendor letters or at the time of print for letters printed in-house.

Step 10 - Train Staff on Reg F System Changes

  1. Train your collectors and staff on what the new information means and how to find it in the system.
  2. Focus on one piece at a time instead of trying to change all their processes at once.

Step 11 - Check User Permissions

  1. Check User Permissions for Consent. This is a command box item and you will need to confirm collectors have the proper permissions for gathering and revoking consent.
  1. Train your collectors and teams on the new Consent Management screen and why it's important to capture and track that information.