QwikClient 3.0 Release Notes and Feature List - Dec 1, 2020

QwikClient 3.0 Release Notes and Feature List - Dec 1, 2020

QwikClient 3.0 - December 1, 2020

We changed the look and feel of the entire QwikClient site to a modern, uniform, and aesthetically pleasing look. Along the way, we fixed several nagging issues and improved the usability for your clients and operations.

Account Placements Screen

  1. Made all fields use uppercase characters regardless if caps lock is turned on 
  2. Give warning messages on fields that are required or if the wrong type of data is input
  3. Adjust date and amount fields automatically to the correct format
  4. Corrected issue where attachments would cause issues at the time of placement. Attachments will attach properly now.

Reporting Page

  1. Changed Client reports to Provided reports
  2. Clients can email the reports to themselves if they choose to, instead of only being able to download them.

Shared Documents 

  1. Moved this feature to a menu item as a way to encourage communication through QwikClient.

Logo & Display Name

  1. Add your company logo to QwikClient. 
  2. Logos will be sized to a max-height of 48px and max-width of 128px. The logo can be any shape or size. The image won’t be distorted, but that’s the tallest or widest it will appear on the website. 
  3. The logo must be a PNG file, have a transparent background, be less than 500K in size, and have no border.

Email Notifications 

To improve customer communication and make the job of maintaining QwikClient easier, we’ve added email notifications for the following actions:
  1. Account Comment (all emails)
  2. Direct Payment (payment clerk)
  3. Vault Attachment (all emails)
  4. New Business Added (entry clerk)
  5. New Business Deleted (entry clerk)
  6. New Upload File (entry clerk)

New changes since October 2020

  1. Changed the “Add Account” button to a “Plus” icon
  2. Added the Spouse DOB and Date of Delinquency to the account placement screen
  3. Updated the disclaimer based on your choice of wording
  4. All other suggested items were captured for the Development team’s road map.

Marketing Collateral & Overview

To learn more about the changes from your clients' view and to look over the QwikClient Marketing collateral, go to our QwikClient 3.0 Overview page. Read the complete article here

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