QwikClient Latest Update and Reg F Changes in Beyond Builds

QwikClient Latest Update and Reg F Changes in Beyond Builds

Latest Updates about QwikClient Account Placement and Reg F Certain Build Changes

We recently released Beyond ARM Build 2.14.7. To find out what’s changed, what’s new, and what’s fixed, catch up on the latest Release Notes in the customer portal. 
Due to Regulation F, our Development and Implementation teams have worked diligently to get system builds out to you as quickly as they become available. Here are a few notifications on specific build changes made that we hope you will take a few minutes to review. 
We released a QwikClient update on Friday, October 22, 2021, to resolve an issue with the Principal Balance dropping the amount. With this update, also came a change that was made to accommodate the "Require Itemization Date" flag added in Beyond Build 2.14.4 and higher. 
In Build 2.14.4, we made the requested changes to Regulation F fields that were previously required in the QwikClient Account Placement screen in order to help alleviate the confusion from clients and if the Itemization Date type was still undefined.
This change hid the Reg F fields from showing in QwikClient for those clients who did not yet have an Itemization Date Type set on their client screen in Beyond. By default, this flag was set to 'N" if a date type was not defined for the client.

If you are on Beyond Build 2.14.4 or higher, these Reg F fields will only show in QwikClient if the "Require Itemization'' flag on the client screen in Beyond is set to “Y” for Yes. This change also honors the flag with a "Y" if that had already been priorly established and set up.
For any Beyond Builds 2.14.3 or lower, your clients will not see these Regulation F fields until you update to the latest build.

Contact Info

Please take a few minutes to look over the latest Release Notes. To schedule an update, reach out to Julie Newson by phone at 801.394.5791 x 269 or email julie@dakcs.com

For questions about the REG F: Focus Group, please contact Justin Devine at justin@dakcs.com or call 801.394.5791 x297. 

For questions about Regulation F, you can reach out to our DAKCS Support team by calling or submitting a ticket today. 
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