Minimum System Requirements to run Beyond

Minimum System Requirements to run Beyond

Beyond ARM Requirements (On-Premise)

Server, backups, workstations and network support responsibility


DAKCS Software Systems (DAKCS) support resources will provide application and support assistance on only DAKCS provided software and services. It is the Customers responsibility to have in place appropriate in-house or outsourced resources to provide hardware, printer, network, and workstation support. DAKCS support resources will work closely with these resources to identify any hardware, workstation, or network issues that may inhibit the proper operation of the Beyond ARM application, but in no event is DAKCS responsible for directly supporting this infrastructure. Customer shall be responsible for data backup and to periodically test the backup system to ensure that it is functioning properly. In no event shall DAKCS Software Systems be responsible for failed backup or loss of data due to lack of proper backups.


Beyond ARM workstation requirements


         Windows 10 Professional (32 or 64-bit)

         Latest .NET Framework

         4 Gb Min RAM, 8 Gb recommended

         160+ Gb HDD

         Minimum graphics resolution 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024 recommended

         100 Mbit network connection

         Windows Security Essentials for anti-virus installed

         Windows Updates turned on


Beyond ARM server and peripheral requirements


         Operating System:

  1. CENTOS 7 is end-of-life June 30th 2024

  2. CENTOS 8 is end-of-life Dec 30th 2021

  3. RHEL 7 is end of life June 30, 2024

  4. RHEL 8 is end-of-life May 31, 2029

  5. Rocky Linux 8 end-of-life May 2029

         CPU: Intel Xeon CPUs – 2.5GHz + recommended (AMD equivalent okay)

o    1 – 36 Users – 2 Cores       8Gb RAM

o    37 – 72 Users – 4 Cores     16Gb RAM

o    72 + Users – 8 Cores, 8Gb RAM + 4Gb for every 20 Users

         Storage: Disk Array – RAID 1, 5, 6, or 10, SCSI or SATA-II 10k RPM, 160 GB

         Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)


Backup Device Recommendations


         Network Attached Storage (NAS) with Gigabit LAN connection OR

         USB 3.0 Backup Drive attached directly to the server

         Appropriate controls to restore the underlying infrastructure in the event of a hardware failure such as backup recovery disks and an industry-standard backup solution


Specific data to backup

While full system backups will be the most complete, critical application data exists in the following server directories:

  • /u

  • /usr/cmail

  • /etc/setdakcsenv

  • /etc/imsrc


         100 Base-T minimum, 1000 Base-T (Gigabit) recommended

         QoS recommended

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