2.14 - How-to Guide for Consent Management in Beyond ARM

2.14 - How-to Guide for Consent Management in Beyond ARM

Beyond Release Date: Sept 2, 2021
Beyond Release 2.14
Article Published Date: Sept 3, 2021
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We’ve added consent management to Beyond Build 2.14.2 and higher for the purpose of Regulation F going into effect Nov 30, 2021. This How-tos article will walk you through changes made in your system for Consent Management.

Tape Drops

Emails can be mapped using tape drops and can have consent marked on them using subroutine ‘ME’.
    1. Example of subroutine for mapping to email - 050SMESKP
You will also have to set up the Email Config in the Tape Processing Menu. This menu option has been renamed and shows as "(E)mail Consent Configuration." instead of (E)mail Config for QwikContact.

If you need additional assistance with tape drops, you can reference this article on Mapping New Tables and Mag Letters for Reg F.


When scheduling the update for consent, DAKCS will need to know whether you will want to convert any existing consent to the new consent system. You will need to decide as to convert current phone consent to text consent, call consent, or both and whether to convert current email consent. If you want DAKCS to run this spin, here are the questions about Consent Management that we need you to answer. 
    1. Do you want all companies converted? If yes, do you want them all set up the same way?
    2. How do you want to convert the phone numbers for the Consumer?
    3. Which type of consent do you want to convert in the system? 
      1. Convert Call Consent only?
      2. Convert Text messages (SMS Consent) only?
      3. Or do you want both types converted?
    4. What about Debtor Email?
      1. Convert Call Consent only?
      2. Convert Text message (SMS Consent) only?
      3. Or do you want both types converted?
    5. What about the Co-maker?
      1. Convert Call Consent only?
      2. Convert Text message (SMS Consent) only?
      3. Or do you want both types converted?
    6. How do you want Co-maker Email handled?


    When using QwikDial you can add a decision note for the dialer to act prior to making the call and if you have consent on a given phone number. With this, you can make decisions as to whether you want to have QwikDial make a call, do a preview pop, etc.

    Agent Workflow

    1. General Information

    Consumer Time Zone:  This will need to be set when speaking with a consumer to determine the consumer’s time zone. If this is not set, the system will default to zip code or either a combination of zip code and area code when there is a conflict with multiple time zones. The system will determine which time zone will hit 8:00 AM at the latest and 9 pm at the earliest.
    Example: Consumer has a zip code that is in New York but an area code that is in California. The system will set the start time to be 8:00 AM Pacific and end time to 9:00 PM Eastern. This is only when it has not been confirmed with the consumer.
    Preferred Contact Method:  This will be used to set what communication method is preferred by the consumer. It will be your responsibility to train your employees on what methods you have in place.

    2. Available times

    1. This will be used to be able to define what times and days a consumer prefers to be contacted.
    2. This will default to 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  
      1. See Consumer Time Zone above for more information.
      2. These times are specified in the consumer’s time zone.

    1. Agents can add specific times for any and all days as preferred by the consumer.
    2. Agents will have the ability to delete times that consumers define as no longer convenient to them.
    3. Agents can add multiple time frames to a day 

    3. Phone Numbers

    Consent is now split up for phone numbers. There are separate options for calling or texting a phone number. Each phone number in the VicDialer screen can be edited in this consent screen in addition to either granting or revoking consent for calling and/or texting.

    When editing consent, you must enter in how the consumer granted or revoked consent. The first time editing consent for a consumer you are prompted to either Grant or Revoke consent.

    4. Email Addresses

    The DE – Debtor Email command box item has been removed and email addresses are now maintained using the consent tab. Comaker emails are now accessible from the Consent Aux Screen when viewing the comaker.

    5. Physical Mail

    If the consumer does not want to receive physical mail, this option will stop letters from being sent out. However, validation letters are always allowed to be sent regardless of this setting.

    6. Permission Changes

    The permissions have changed for the Consent tab. There are three permissions that can be specified for the Consent screen in User Setup. These permissions are in the Command Box section.
    1. Edit Contact Preferences – This allows editing the contact window.
    2. Edit Phone – This allows editing phone numbers and either granting or revoking consent for the phone numbers.
    3. Edit Email – This allows editing email addresses and either granting or revoking consent for the email addresses.
    All current permissions on VICDIALER@ and DEBTOREMAIL@ will convert to these new permissions when you get the update. You will want to check all your roles to make sure that the CON - Consent under that command box has the appropriate permissions.

    Contact Info

    Please take a few minutes to look over the latest Release Notes. To schedule an update, reach out to Julie Newson by phone at 801.394.5791 x 269 or email julie@dakcs.com

    For questions about Regulation F and the REG F: Focus Group, please contact Justin Devine at justin@dakcs.com or call 801.394.5791 x297.