Gathering Consent In The DAKCS System

Gathering Consent In The DAKCS System

Ideally, consent is gathered by your clients at the time of service and provided to you when you upload accounts. DAKCS created a way to track and even gather consent to help agencies maintain compliance. These new features are a part of the Beyond 2.6 build and are available now. [Updated for Beyond 2.6.4]

The Consent Screen

The consent screen (CON in the Command Box) is a tab under a consumer, which shows phone numbers and emails that a consumer has given your agency consent to use, either through the Pay Data Center website (QwikFund) or through an agent in Beyond by clicking Revoke on this screen.


The email address or phone number. Phone numbers will also show the sequence and dialer flag.

Obtained From

How the consent was obtained.

ManualConsent was manually entered through Beyond. This field will show the Beyond user who edited the consumer. With permissions set, a user can also edit consent in the following places:

·         Debtor Email Maintenance (DE - Command Box)

·         VIC Dialer Auxiliary Screen

QwikFundConsent was received through QwikFund.

QwikContactConsent was received through QwikContact.

Data ImportConsent was received through a data import

Obtained On

The date/time the consent was obtained.

Revoked From

How the consent was revoked through Beyond.

Revoked On

The date/time the consent was revoked.


Permission to view this screen and to Add, Delete, and Revoke consent are set in User Setup under Command Box, CON - Consent.

Consent from QwikFund ( online portal)

To enable consent gathering in QwikFund, login to the Admin website and edit a payment page. Under options, select Gather Consent and then check Phone Numbers, Email Addresses or both.



The wording that consumer will see is customizable on the same edit screen under Consent Authorization Message.



After selecting this feature through the QwikFund Admin site, the portal will ask consumers to give consent to be contacted using phone numbers and/or emails, depending on what was checked in the Admin site. When the consumer first logs in to the site they will be prompted to give consent to contact them as seen in the following image.


Consent Configuration Screen

New phone numbers entered through QwikFund are added to the system, but how those numbers are added is determined on the Consent Configuration screen in Beyond. This screen is found under Main Menu and System Administration.


Update VIC Dialer

When consent is granted for a phone number, the system uses this section to enter those numbers for the consumer. The number will be saved to the top most checked number that is currently available.

Notify User Inbox

When consent is granted to a phone number or email, the system will notify the selected users using the Inbox feature in Beyond.

Notify Email

When consent is granted to a phone number or email, the system will send an email to any email addresses entered here.

From Email

The email sent to inform of consent will come from the email address entered here.

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