Feb 16, 2023 Community Chat: Zero Cost Processing, Text & Email options, and Product Updates

Feb 16, 2023 Community Chat: Zero Cost Processing, Text & Email options, and Product Updates

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Thursday, Feb 16, 2023, at Noon MT
DAKCS Team: Ashlee Hyden, Michael Goodell

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In this month's Community Chat, we covered a few different topics including Compliance and Regulatory updates, Zero-Cost Processing, and text/email options through DAKCS and PDCflow. We ended the chat with some spotlights and upcoming announcements. Subscribe to Release Notes
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Questions we discussed  

  1. Is the Pay-to-Pay integrated into Beyond or do you have to enter online through PDCFlow?
  2. Does the ZCP work for ACH as well as cards? CC only
  3. Currently California law doesn't "expressly authorize a fee" from our perspective.
  4. Does PDC/Newtek/PayInSec, Etc. offer an IVR based alternative for fee addition? That is correct.

  5. On the action matrix ….Do we have another way to pull times worked or something around that with the current system?
  6. With the SPL how do we tell if the opened it? The flow w/ reoccurring cc payments sent by text is tracked on the Flow Document Viewer. 

Check out the CFPB advisory opinion

Product Updates 


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