DAKCS Operating System Policy

DAKCS Operating System Policy


This document explains DAKCS Software Systems Inc.'s policies for the operating systems we support for both servers and software clients, and for the web browsers for DAKCS services. We define the life cycle and end dates for running our software and services on those systems. This life cycle policy allows DAKCS, our customers, and partners to effectively plan, deploy and support the software.

What is a Software Life Cycle?

Each operating system has a life cycle, starting from inspection (Beta) to release to an eventual end of life, where that operating system is no longer supported. The companies supporting the operating systems determine this life cycle.

End Date in a Life Cycle

Each operating system eventually reaches an end date where the company supporting that system no longer offers new updates, patches, fixes, or offers support. At this point, continued use of the operating system carries a drastic increase in risk for both security and possible system failure.

DAKCS' End of Life Policy

We create software that runs optimally on the latest release of each supported operating system. We maintain support for those operating systems until the moment they have arrived at the end of their life cycle as determined by the supporting operating system company.
DAKCS follows the published life cycle policies and schedules. DAKCS Customers who continue to use operating systems past their end-of-life date will have limited DAKCS support, which means that those agencies will not longer be able to receive updates for new features and bug fixes.

Web Browser Support

DAKCS' web services are designed to run on the latest versions of each supported web browser. Most web browser updates do not affect our services, but on occasion, an older version of a browser will cause issues or become unsecure. At that point, the fix going forward is to update to the latest release of the supported browser.

Supported Operating Systems

The current list of active operating systems and web browsers includes:

Server Operating System End of Support Date

CentOS Version 5 March 31, 2017
CentOS Version 6 November 30, 2020
CentOS Version 7 June 30, 2024
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 March 31,2017
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 November 30, 2020
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 June 30, 2024

Windows Version End of Support Date

Windows XP April 8, 2014
Windows Vista‬ April 11, 2017
Windows 7‬ January 14, 2020
Windows 8‬ January 10, 2023
Windows 10‬ October 14, 2025

Browsers Supported Latest Version Only

Internet Explorer

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