Unkown Detect and 3 tone intercept

Unkown Detect and 3 tone intercept

We are using QwikDial  as our dialer and have noticed a few things.

Patients/debtors are using phone apps that seem to be causing problems with the correct detection of what is actually happening with the call.  Sometimes it will give a "3 tone Intercept"  or a "Unknown Detect" result when in fact, the debtor is using an app or built-in feature to block the call.  We have found out the hard way that we need to treat these types of results to mean that the phone actually rang and the debtor ignored it. (or the app blocked it but it is still listed in the debtor's call log)

Has anyone else seen this type of issue?

We already have issues with the cell phone providers marking our number as spam.  Does anyone have good phone numbers or procedures to contact   cell phone providers and get this fixed?

Thanks for the info and input.