Changes in Beyond 2.17.10 for Flow Technology

Changes in Beyond 2.17.10 for Flow Technology

For those of you utilizing QwikFlow and Consumer Portal, these are excellent resources for your business and have the potential to save you time and money. 

Our team wanted to reach out and inform you of a specific scenario we found that may affect some of your flows. In this scenario, a consumer would log in and make a payment via the payment portal, then check the box that specifies, “This payment is a one-time payment”. The next time a flow is sent to the consumer that included a payment link, it would throw an error that stated: “Token Not Authorized for Subsequent Use.” 

We initially set up the payment link to pre-populate payment account information to make collecting payments quick and simple. We did not want to pre-populate the payment information if the consumer specified not to use it again. 

While by design at the time, we recognize that this has caused some confusion and errors. We have plans to release Beyond Build 2.17.10 by Monday, July 3, 2023. If this scenario is happening in your agency, please reach out to Julie Newson at to schedule an update at your convenience. 

We continue to look for improvements to create ease and efficiency so your business can collect more payments. There are exciting enhancements happening in QwikFlow that will help you save on letter costs and configurations that can help send the model validation notice and payment letters all through flows! 

If you want assistance with flow set up, the support team would be happy to walk you through it. If you would like to get pricing information or a cost analysis for Flows, you can reach out to PDCflow’s Heather Harris at

DAKCS appreciates your support, as always. If you have any questions or concerns about anything mentioned above, please reach out to the support team and remember to subscribe to the latest release notes found in the Customer Portal. 

Kind regards, 

Abi Huber
DAKCS Support Manager